Dear guests, dear friends of the Baščaršija Night Festival, in order to have a Festival to remember in these crazy times, it is important to us that with the top, the program we have prepared for you this year, you feel top, and on this occasion, we ask you to respect the epidemiological measures and orders of the Federal and Cantonal levels of government, to keep our memories beautiful and pleasant.


– use distance
– wear the mask at all times, even in its place during the program (indoors)
– you adhere to the prescribed distance.

Tickets for the Baščaršija Nights Festival can be picked up at the BKC office three days before the scheduled date of the program.

Reservations can be made on the phone number 033 586 776, three (3) days before the concert/performance.

Reserved tickets should be picked up no later than 10:00 am on the day of the concert/performance.

JU Bosnian Cultural Center of Sarajevo Canton as the organizer of BN due to epidemiological measures is limited with the number of visitors, so please respect your reservations or if you are not able to forward them to friends or simply inform us about the cancellation.