“The Nights of Bascarsija” were also held before the aggression on Sarajevo and B&H, with the very different concept. At that time, the festival was based on a single night which offered 15 to 20 diverse cultural programs, held all over the city.

The festival foundations were set up in years 1988 and 1989. Then, a movie director, a writer and above all, a man in love with Sarajevo and B&H, Sejfudin Tanovic (born 1926 – died 1999) started off the festival with a couple of enthusiasts.

When out of Sarajevo,
I dream of Sarajevo.
When in Sarajevo,
I dream of Sarajevo…

Sejfudin Tanović
Walking along Sarajevo, quietly… (1988)

The first festival concept was maintained until today, with “The Nights of Bascarsija” growing into a huge international cultural festival.