Armen Skobalj
Concert: Promotional concert of the Crossover album entitled "1000 Roses" by Armen Skobalj

Classical music in modern crossover arrangements performed by musical ensemble

Armen Skobalj was born in 1980 in Zenica. He attended elementary school in B&H and Germany. He finished secondary music school in Zenica, and graduated from the Academy of Music in Sarajevo in 2006 in the class of Prof Dr Senad Kazic. He started composing very early and mostly composes for the piano. He follows the postulates of classical composing with elements of romanticism, jazz and other modern trends. He participates in international competitions of composers throughout Europe. As a composer, he was included in the book “History of Music of Bosnia and Herzegovina” (2011) authored by Prof Dr Ivan Cavlovic. He was presented in Frankfurt at the biggest music fair in Europe as the first and only composer from Bosnia and Herzegovina who published his works for the EU market. He has been working as an arranger and orchestrator of the Zenica Chamber Symphony Orchestra for many years. In 2022, he released the crossover piano album “1000 Roses” for the publishing house Nota Bene Records from Zagreb. He served as the principal of the music school in Visoko.