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Association of Artists “Art Colony” – “XI International Exhibition – ARTISTS TO SARAJEVO”

The exhibition “Artists to Sarajevo” aims to show the position of artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina today, as well as the position of artists from the region and around the world. The number of 25 artists from six countries is participating with about 100 works of art. This project aims to offer an opportunity for artists of different profiles to communicate with each other, including the public and wider audience.  Artists will exhibit their works imbued with light and energy that connects and unites diversity, a trace of their own understanding and creativity. The works of the following artists are exhibited: Adis Lukac, Adela Nurkovic-Kulenovic, Alma Suljevic, Amra Kozic, Avdo Ziga, Branko Vekic, Cazim Hadzimejlic, Dzevdet Nikocevic, Edin Numankadic, Fehim Huskovic (N. Macedonia), Ilonka Jasak, Ira Skopljak, Jasmina Spahic, Mehmed Klepo, Merima Ivkovic, Mirsada Baljic, Miloslav Milatovic (Montenegro), Muhamed Pjevo, Natasa Andreeva Salihovis (Russia), Olivera Erakovic (Montenegro), Rasema Santic (Germany), Samir Fejzovic (Serbia), Sead Emric, Senad Patkovic, Selver Kardovic (Montenegro), Semsa Gavrankapetanovic BiH/Serbia, Tarik Jesenkovic. In addition to the above artists, the works of our renowned artists who are no longer with us are also exhibited: Ana Kovac, Dzevdet Hozo.