Chronicle of the King Tvrtko
Gostovanje Predstave

The competition program of the oldest theatre festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be opened with a theatrical spectacle that deals with the life of the great Bosnian king, Tvrtko I Kotromanic, and is a dramatic representation of this great historical figure of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans. The emphasis of the play, which is based on the historical novel of the same name written by Jasmin Imamovic, is on the internal relations of the family and social environment in which Tvrtko I lived and acted. The play is at the same time a melodrama about his private life.


Cast: Muhamed Hadzovic, Senad Basic, Kaca Doric, Helena Vukovic, Vanja Matovic, Mirna Joguncic, Mirza Catibusic, Elmir Krivalic, Mehmed Porca, Enes Salkovic.

Scenography: Osman Arslanagic.

Costume design: Amra Zulfikarpasic.

Music: Damir Imamovic.

Directed by: Dino Mustafic.

Dramatization of the novel: Zeljko Hubac.

Production: PI “Bosnian Cultural Center SC” and AC “Scena”.