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One of the veterans, we can also say, the pioneers of rock music from ex-Yugoslavia. One of the first to bring the Anglo-Saxon sound to this region and to record his original songs. Member of the groups “Dinamiti”, “Korni grupa” (Kornelije – Bata Kovac), “Time” (followed by the reputation of the most important progressive rock group in Yugoslavia in the seventies). He collaborated with the group “Smak” on the song Zasto ne volim sneg (Why I don’t like snow), with Sladjana Milosevic on the song Princeza (Princess). He recorded music for films such as the title track “Floyd” for the film National Class, including the title track for the series Bolji život (Better life). With the group “Dragon Fly”, he performed the song Vjerujem u ljubav (I believe in love), which represented Croatia at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. He has remained faithful to this heritage for more than half a century.