Promoters: Ališer Sijarić, Maja Žuža, Dušan Erak, Maja Baralić-Materne, Melisa Marija Zerdo.

New CD album titled “Resonance” by B&H pianist Bartolomej Stanković contains piano works by 13 selected contemporary B&H composers. The stylistic diversity of selected works, created in the period from the 1980s to 2020, is the richness of the new album, which is a continuation of the previously released albums titled “Balkan Madness” (2018) and “Voyage” (2020). Having released the new album named after the composition “Ringtone / Resonance” by composer Danijel Žontar, he completed the project of BiH art music for piano – by releasing 3 CD albums containing recorded works for piano by 33 BiH composers.