Sephardic Night

The Haggadah Association, screenwriter and presenter Dr Eli Tauber, performing Duo Evoéh (Spain)

The concert is organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain.

A traditional program that has been taking place for many years as part of the Festival, and in which Sephardic customs and traditional food from the rich Sephardic cuisine are presented. During the evening, there will be a concert of the most beautiful Sephardic romances performed by the inimitable “Duo Evoéh” consisting of Ariana Barrabes Romeo (voice and percussion) and Jesús Olivares Heredia (guitar, lute, harp, baglama and oud). On the one hand, Evoéh represents the most authentic way of performance that combines the female voice and the classical Spanish guitar, but bringing it closer to the flamenco Spanish guitar. In the repertoire of Duo Evoéh, we can find Sephardic songs. The duo connects the legacy of Flory Jagoda, B&H singer-songwriter and interpreter of songs in the Ladino language of the Bosnian Sephards, as this artist knew it in her childhood, i.e. with the instrumentation of the Mediterranean Sephardic communities, making a sound braid between tambourines and lutes.