Folklore evening CIOFF B&H

For a living tradition in 2023

Performance of folklore ensembles from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Folkloric ensembles from all parts of B&H take part and perform. This year’s folklore program is dedicated to marking the 14th anniversary of the establishment of the CIOFF® Section for B&H and the full membership of B&H in this organization. CIOFF is an international organization founded in 1970. Members of the association are the national sections of CIOFF, one from each UN member state. It acts as an associate partner of UNESCO, for intangible cultural heritage. USOFFTU in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an association, full name: Association Council of Folklore and Traditional Art Festival Organizers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the representative body of B&H in the international CIOFF. In the past 14 years, they have built the infrastructure and trained staff who can organize events according to the principles and standards of CIOFF. Their members are organizers of folklore festivals and manifestations of traditional art, as well as associations that deal with different types of traditional art. Six international folklore festivals, which their members organize every year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are included in CIOFF’s international “Festival Calendar”.