Sephardic Night
Hagada Association, screenwriter and host Eli Tauber

The traditional program that has been taking place for many years within the Festival to present Sephardic customs and traditional food from the rich Sephardic cuisine. During the evening, a concert of the most beautiful Sephardic romances will be held, uniquely performed by the vocal soloist Vladimir Mickovic with piano accompaniment by Gabriel Prusina.  Vladimir Mickovic was born in 1979 in Mostar. He graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2002. He researches traditional Mediterranean music (Vladimir & Kalafat, Arkul, Haver, Mostar Sevdah Reunion).

Gabrijel Prusina, pianist, arranger, composer, producer, mix and mastering engineer, born in 1984 in Mostar. He has been a member of the famous BiH sevdah band Mostar Sevdah Reunion for many years.